Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Ode to the lonely stoner


This song will set the record straight
About my kind
I'm tired of being criticized
For the state of my mind

People mislabel me
And think I'm a crazy stoner guy
But 'cos I smoke all the time
I'm not even high

Being stoned is when
I get my best ideas you know
Yesterday I watched series one of "24"
And ate my weight in Dorritos

It's not an addiction
I could easily stop it
But if I'm not stoned
I see that life is sh*t

C                         Am
Ode to the lonely stoner
G                                       F
I see you clearly in my cloud of smoke

Ode to the lonely stoner
We'll see who laughs hardest last

"Give it up it's ruining you"
My girlfriend implores
But dope took nothin' from me
There wasn't anything here before

I've got nothing to offer
That's why I'm outta my head
It's better for society
If I stay in bed

I've thought deeply
What's the best use of my time
And I'm almost the one
On matrix online

I've got big plans
And soon I'm gonna write them down
The first will be to get out
Of this loser town


I listen to the campaigners
Saying all drugs are wrong
They should just drop out
In the words of the song

No one on Marijuana
Never started no war
If the soldier boys smoked more
They'd forget what they're fighting for

I study the news sites
I know what's going on
That's why I got my lips
Wrapped round a big ass bong

All this insight
Doesn't come without sacrifice
I don't have any money
Or even a sex life


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