Monday, 13 November 2017

Talking diabetes

Eating sweets, too many berries
Not moving about - too sedentary
Docs given you bad news 

Its Sanskrit name describes the state you're in 
Madhumeha it means honey urine
You've eaten so many carbs
That you piss sugar

Ayurveda classifies foods by taste
Each performs an action and they're interlaced
If you indulge the sweet one
You guessed it: diabetes

So low
Sweetpeas we'll break
The back of this malevolent

So long
So free, now that
Now that you're unburdened
And unbound

There are 20 types of diabetes
In 3 different sets with treatment based on opposites
What's the obvious one?
The bitter taste

All bitter foods have powerful actions
They're anti-inflammatory, antibacterial
Antiviral, anthelmintic
And alterative

E                                  A
Some big words there. Google them later.

One thing you'll notice in your Google result
Is how many treatments are made from leaves
Neem leaves, mango leaves, fig leaves, guava leaves
And many more

The sweeter the fruit, the better the leaves, the bitter the better

Add them in a soup, a stew or a chowder
Cook 'em in a tea, dry them for a powder
Eat the leaves
Leave the fruit


D                                       A
Now the thing I want to leave you with
D                                       A
Apart from a love for leaves
D                                           E                            A
Is that the battle you face, is to reset your sense of taste

It takes discipline and deprivation
Become a stranger to the sugary sense
Don't be satisfied until you've tried, and

A          E        D          A
Carrots taste like a caramel
E        D          E           A
Water alone is deliciously sweet

Cocacola tastes horrible
You have no cravings for any treats

Suddenly you get back you sense of smell
And carrots taste like a caramel x3

(Optional extra verse)
The Ayurvedic treatment depends on the state you're in
Has diabetes made you thick or thin?
Do you need building up?
Or cleaning good

Yoga’s always good the sun salutation
For circulation from your head to your toes
Try the peacock pose
Good luck with that one

Doing bhujangasana every day
Will strengthen the stomach in a gentle way
And reinvigorate those
Dying digestive organs

And the more you socialize with friends
Who practice yoga and backward bends
It’s inevitable
You’ll see improvement