Thursday, 21 June 2018

The seasons of Ayurveda (singalong)

G   Em
C                                             C
Can health really be such a simple thing?

Have patience while I unlearn what I've learnt

Everything is already obvious

In the winter I need to know
How to stop from feeling so cold
G                                                      D
Feeling dried out and chapped on the out and inside

Give me warm heavy foods to eat
A way to warm up my cold feet
Teach me how to stay with a steady mind

With a practice of meditation
And daily sun salutations
And pranayama that will set me free


And with sickness in the spring
As my body's liquefying
Give me the focus I need to perform a fast

Eating light, eating bitter
Pungent and astringent
And taking herbs to help my Kapha move

So I can celebrate this season
Without giving my body a reason
To clean me out with a fever or to suffer allergies


In the summer when I'm on fire
A mess of anger and desire
Take me out to lie down in the moonlight

Show me how I need to rest
When it gets hot and I'm stressed
And my appetite is less and I can't digest

With Pita-pacifying foods
I can control my fiery mood
Avoiding alcohol and exercise


Saturday, 10 February 2018

When Grandma got dementia

When Grandma got dementia
It started gradually
She'd forget the name of friends and places

As Grandma got dementia
A little more each day
The woman that we new and loved
Slowly went away

When Grandma got dementia
How my mother cried
Helpless to do anything
As her mother slowly died


The doctors didn't mention
The anger and the screams
As she fought a losing battle
Her against her dreams

When Grandma got dementia
I was only young
But I still remember it vividly
As what mum could become

Oh Grandma, oh grandma
Oh Grandma, oh grandma

Oh Grandma, oh grandma
Oh Grandma, oh grandma


(One strum)
When Grandma got dementia
We new there's no way back
Long ago she left this world
We were living with the sack

And as Grandma and dementia
Became one and the same
She remained our Grandma
But only in name (slower)

You used to be great

You used to be great
I like your early stuff
                          F                                 G
When you were happy and young and fun

You used to be great
When you were channeling
In the energy of youth is inherent truth

VERSE (intermittent strumming)
But you got old
And you got serious
Took yourself
To extremes

With conversions
And inversions
Of the versions
You thought you had been

Chasing the ghost of a dream


Trying hard
Trying too hard
To get back
To what you thought you had been

Cast aspersions
Against persons
For desersions
You perceived there had been

Chasing the ghost of a dream


Friday, 9 February 2018

Hard to find someone who’ll do a good job

Capo 2nd

C                                                          Am
It's hard to find someone who’ll do a good job
C                                      F
Someone you can trust to get it right
F                                         Am
It'll help as you struggle along
                 F               C         
If you expect to it be wrong
                       F                          G
After they've given up half way through
And said 'that'll do'

It's not that they don't know or just can't do it
It's that they don't take a pride in what they've done
So budget in your sum
The cost of getting it redone
When they don't follow through
They say 'that'll do'

Start to think that good isn't good enough
And even then the best can be bettered
But few people follow this sermon
Most of them are German
Whatever they hand up for revue
You say 'that won't do'

Things are getting worse
In our disposable city
Where nothing we buy
Is built to last

And we're all getting used to that
So what if it wears down fast
It was cheap
I'll buy another one

It's hard to find someone who'll do a good job
A professional who's obsessed with perfection
Trouble is they're never satisfied
No matter how hard they've tried
Finally you're fed up to
You say 'that'll do'

My sweet dharma

My pure and precious dharma
What I wouldn't do for you
I'll keep you pure, be always sure
Let nothing harm my heart

I'll protect my precious dharma
Won't let anger burn it down
No violent movies, no video games
I'll see nobody harmed

I'll shield my precious dharma
From any sexual deceit
Remain passionless, not obsess for flesh
See no pornography

My dharma
My sweet dharma
My dharma
My sweet dharma

My pure and precious dharma
Is such a fragile thing
It could so easily die, telling one little lie
You could make a river from my tears

So I'll hide my precious dharma
From the very idea of theft
Take nothing not given, just live and let living
Let greed never touch my heart

I love my precious dharma
It gives meaning to my life
I live life at leisure, with this secret to pleasure
The happiest I've ever been

It would drown in alcohol
It would die on drugs
Any type of intoxication
Would wash it from the earth


Alright in the end

G                      Em
How are your problems?
C                          D
Has today been a good day?

Do you have new ones?
Or are they the same ones as yesterday?

Are they just for you? Or can I have one to?
I think you've enough to go around

C                                              D
And if you could let one go at last
You'd see that all problems pass

If you don't play with it, don't pick at the scab
Just leave it alone, don't scratch it

It'll be alright in the end
If it's not alright, it's not yet the end x2

All these problems, getting you down
Dragging your body and mind, into the ground

And I would comfort you, if there's something I could do
But the only cure is time


Go on a Vipassana
They'll teach ya
To say Anitya


Saturday, 3 February 2018

Around me

Egos on the rampage
Not a pretty sight
I'm up for the ugly prize

Searching out in others
Only their mistakes
But when I put the eye aside

She thinks I'm just being selfish
Thinking of myself and no one else here
Playing a game of wait and see
See if the world revolves around me
Or in the chaos swirling around
Checking the background hearing the sounds
Happy to notice, pleased to see
The world does not revolve around

With all action
Patterns on repeat

Make a little room
Tune it out
All the radios


Around me x8

Focused minds
Energy and drive
The attention that we crave

All this love
All these voices
Screaming to be heard


Thursday, 25 January 2018

Food combinations

Food combinations
Food combinations

Well I see lots of people
Drinking a glass of milk
And a glass of orange juice, capaccino
Very very bad

Saturday, 13 January 2018

The forgiveness song

I get angry and I judge, I have principles that will budge
I am a Pitta
I am impatient when I see, that no one else gets it like me
I am a Pitta
The heat and the madness rise, when I get hungry run and hide
I am a Pitta
Only when I think I've won, do I see the damage done
I am a Pitta
A Pitta

But I forgive
The imbalancing things that I did
The damage my doshas did
       F#m               B
The diseases that live

I forgive
The sickness that surely came
The illnesses that remain
All of the needless pain
Through which I lived

When I changed my mind a hundred times, and I was a disaster
That was my Vata
When I didn't finish what I said I'd do, walked away, could see nothing through
That was my Vata
When it was low I couldn't move, I couldn't speak I lost my groove
Without my Vata
I see now all the ideas, my inspirational side
I get from my Vata
My crazy crazy Vata


Bm               F#m            E
I sought what I thought I needed
Bm               F#m            E
It felt right, so I believed it
C#m           G#m
I fanned the flames
C#m           G#m
I shook the bottle
A               E
I buried myself

The vicious cycle that I repeated
Adding more when I should have deleted
Like making like
Every day, every night
             A                       B
When the cure was the opposite

When I was living as if under water, moved around at aimless potter
That was aggravated Kapha
My cloudy mind saw no need to move, I had no mission, nothing to prove
There was my Kapha
But when it went away oh I tremoured, what a dizzy world I had entered
Without any Kapha
I know now the stamina, the power that made me who I am I owe
To my Kapha
My rock steady Kapha


I forgive (x2 Chorus)

Saturday, 6 January 2018

(Introduction to) The ballad of Snigdha

Capo 1st

So the 20 gunas is what it's all about
I want to describe each one but time's running out
So let's do a deep dive on just one
Good old Snigdha

Heavy and Light, Cold and Hot
Unctuous and Dry, Slow and Sharp
Stable and Mobile

Soft and Hard, Slimy and Rough
Viscous and Liquid, Gross and Subtle
Cloudy and Clear

Son of the sum (14 urges)

If you suppress the urge
For a flatus purge
You can damage your vision
And your heart

When you need to defecate
But decide to wait
Causes a twisting pain
In your calfs

If you try to hold in
Your body's urine
It can lead to
Urinary Calculi

By inhibiting your burps
Constipation can usurp
Anorexia and tremours
You will see

You're the son of the sum of the things you've done
Avoid aggravating actions

The son of the sum of the things you've done
Simple karmic transactions

You're the son of the sum of the son of the sum of the son of the sum of the son

Curbing a sneeze 
Causes headaches by degrees
Neck stiffness 
And facial palsy

While ignoring thirst
Causes deafness at first
Delusions that end

Not answering hunger
Will send you under
With the inevitable
Loss of weight

Oppressing sleep
Will send you down deep
With body ache
You can't get across


The 14 urges!
The 14 urges!
The 14 urges

Restraining a cough
Makes a molotov
That will explode in your heart
Or your chest

Holding your breath
Under exercise stress
Leads to tumours 
Or cardiac arrest

VERSE (Strumming fast now)
If you look down with scorn
On the urge for a yawn
Will weaken all your
Sensory organs

By stopping your tears
Rhinitis can appear
Neck stiffness 
And abdominal bloating

Blocking sick
Makes you allergic
Anaemic and promoting

Or holding in semen
When it should be leaving
Causes impotency
For a start


C#m  Bm  F#m
The 14 urges x2

You are the average (balance with opposites)

Em G Am
If you're Vata you need Kapha friends
To get stability
See how they live life in slow motion
With no mobility

This is what you need to slow down
Embrace their sober pace
Sandwiched between their strict routines
You can find a kind of peace
Find a kind of peace

Oh man, you are the average
Of the 5 people
With whom you spend most of the time

You are the average
For long life and good health
Find qualities opposite to yourself

If you're Pitta don't have Pitta friends
They'll bring out the worse in you
It will become competition as life
As each tries to out do

And if like most you're a dual dosha
You'll need creative reasons
For changing friends like you change your clothes
Have friends for different seasons
Friends for different seasons


If you're Kapha seek out Vata friends
To blow away your fog
They'll annoy you with their endless movement
But your congestion will unclog

Pitta friends will give you direction
Melt your body and mind
If you can see past their criticism
It's medicine prescribed
Medicine prescribed

Kapha cantata

Snigdha means you've built in lubrication
Bf                                                       F
Oily skin and hair you have hydration
You'll never get arthritis 
But you're at risk from bronchitis
You need Ruksa

Sheeta makes you a little bit cold
But that’s the reason you get to be so old
Inherently cryogenic
No.1 in eugenics 
But take Ushna

Guru makes you solid and big-boned
Your soul has earned a well-endowed abode
It'll last you a long time
If you treat a like a shrine
And eat Laghu

Manda means you're steady in your style
Whatever you want to do will take a while
From chewing through to digestion
You run the risk of congestion
That's why there's Tikshna

Slakshna makes you a little sentimental
Your nature is inherently calm and gentle
Organs well-developed
Skin as soft as velvet 
But you need khara

Sthira makes you stable and unchanging
You don't go in for new things or rearranging
You have an innate talent
For avoiding any imbalance 
If you use Chala

Some people say you're cloudy
Foggy in the head

Some people say you're damp
The water collects

Some people say you're sweet and salty
It's all about water retention with you

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Rhapsody for Vata

CHORUS (strum)
She's Vata, dry and light

Rough to the touch, cold as ice
Subtle and clear
C                          F
Can't stop moving around

VERSE (stutter)
Physically there ain't much to see

Thin body and knobbly knees
Cold hands, 
wiry hair
Skin and bone with no muscle tone

Hardly sweats
Bf                F
Dry like the desert

VERSE (stutter)
Mentally she's a real live wire
Bursts from the gate, but fast to tire

Quick to learn, quick to forget
Fun to live with, but can't commit
Changes her mind

Like she changes her clothes

CHORUS (strum)

VERSE (Up a key and higher tempo, stutter)
But oh no, she's feeling elation

Travelling around too much stimulation
Drinking alcohol, dosing caffeine

Too much talking, no daily routine
And all the time the Vata's building up

VERSE (Up a key and higher tempo, stutter)
But oh no, now she's drying out

Thinks exercise is what it's all about
Suppressing normal body urges
Drying out with detoxing purges
And all the time the Vata's building up

VERSE (Up a key and higher tempo)
Oh no, it's getting colder

Not keeping warm like the Sages told her
Drinking drinks with lots of ice
Eating raw food against advice
And all the time the Vata's building up

Aggravated Vata, looks like a ghost
Shaking like a leaf with irrelevant speech
Disrupted sleep
Weaker every day

Vitiated Vata, black discolorations
Distended abdomen and constipation
Craving for heat
Dizzy and peevish

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Smoke it sparingly

(Plucking top string and the second string in a pulse, and then two lower together twice)

When your energy spikes
F                                     C
And you're feeling monkeylike
      F                               G
Like a 4 year old with ADD on coke

Hold back it's not too late
F                              C
Just before you levitate
   Am                               G
Please please smoke it sparingly

Vata's coursing through your veins
You're a human hurricane
Ready to blow the whole town down

Channel the fields of your tantra
Recite this simple mantra
Please please smoke it sparingly

Smoke it sparingly
Smoke it sparingly
G                                C
It's precious smoke it sparingly

When the touch paper ignites
And the fireworks are bright
You're illuminated for the world to see

Before the glorious flash
Imagine the subsequent crash
Please please to smoke it sparingly

How quickly it's beginning
The vibrating and the spinning
Soon it'll be out of control

Recall the crests before
And how you collapsed upon the floor
Please please smoke it sparingly


C                       F        C
Take me down easy
C                       F        C
Take me down easy
   Am              F                             C
I know I gotta save a piece for me

Maybe you've taken L-tyrosine
And you're soaring on caffeine
Ready to set the beast free

Realise the higher you go
The lower the low
Please please smoke it sparingly

You feel like Freddy Mercury
The Hulk or Hercules
Robin Williams on Ecstacy 

See yourself on the seesaw
Know the bipolarity law
Please please smoke it sparingly

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Save me Snigdha

(Capo 1st)

Dry and dusty cough? you need Snigdha
Constipated every day, Snigdha
Emaciated can't put on weight
Hyperactive heart rate
G             D        G
From receding gums, save me Snigdha

Oil up your backside
Oil up the nose
Oil on your body, from your
Head to your toes

Skin that's dry and flaky, you need Snigdha
Body thin and achy, Snigdha
Earache that's not an infection
Feeling lonely full of dejection
From gas and flatulence, save me Snigdha


Headache pulsing from the back of head, Snigdha
Fear and anxiety, nervous dread, Snigdha
Sciatica, bouts of gout
Insomnia or burnt-out
Diseases of the spleen, save me Snigdha

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

We're all screwed

G                          D        G
We're all completely screwed
Yes we're all completely screwed
We're all going to die in a preventable way
And suffer every single step of the way
We're all completely screwed

Well our dominant dosha makes life tough
And our perverse love for like makes it even more rough
But what about the fact that our family's the same dosha?

So those poor old Kapha girls and boys
Get a slow start in life with sedentary toys
And get fed comfort food on a daily basis

While the Pitta kids get a pushy mum
Who wants top grades and every trophy won
Whatever you've done will never ever be good enough

We're all completely screwed
We're all completely screwed
We're all going to die in a forseeable way
And suffer every single step of the way
We're all completely screwed

So we're crazy
Our families crazy
We're doomed to a crazy life
So who do we pick for a husband or wife?
Well, somebody who's our kinda crazy

So Kapha wants some company at home
Pitta wants someone with a real backbone
And Vata, what about poor old Vata

A Vata woman who wants a life that's full
Goes for a butterfly instead of a bull
Gets a guy who can't finish anything he starts

And Vata gets what Vata gives
Vata lovers have Vata kids
Soon there's Vata blowing up your home

We're all completely screwed
All our lives are utterly doomed
The only perverted pleasure in the plays
Is that everyone can die in their own special way
We're all completely screwed

Acoustic D - C - G x4

Part 3
All the other people you choose to be around
Like animals, we move in a pack

Now Pitta wants a high pressure career
They gotta lot to prove, it's failure they fear
Choose competitive or subservient friends
That pay dividends

Statistically obesity is contagious
If you have fat friends
You're 57% more likely to be fat
So Kapha folks beware
Don't go there


Ayurveda lifestyle blues

Trying to live an Ayurvedic life
                F                               C
With the wisdom of the ancient minds
                       F                                  C
But I wonder if they'd have been so wise
                       F                        C
If they had to live in these times

Can’t sit cross-legged in the restaurant
Can’t lie down on the aero plane
Can’t do what your urges want
And it all adds up to pain

I’ve been having an oil massage every day
Oil in my hair and enemas
Footprints on the stairs
My girlfriend's in despair

And the only food I cook is Kitchari
Now she's thinking about leaving me
Too many turmeric stains
She thinks that I'm insane

F                                 C
I've got the Ayurveda blues
F                               C
The Ayurveda blues

F                          C
Chlorine in the water
F                          C
Plastic everywhere
F                          C
EMF from everything
No one seems to care

Particles in the air
Pesticides in food
Modified and fertilised
To a malevolent magnitude
F              C
I'm on my guard

G                     F                  C
But health these days is so hard
G                     F                  C
Health these days is so hard

I'd like to sleep from 8-4
But then my friends all feel ignored
I gotta keep the balance right
But I belong in bed at night

Cos to meditate in the Brahama Muhurta
Is it to take a step closer to God
And every day that I fail to pray
I take another step further away

The secret is the seasons
But nobody wants the reasons
As the last sane man alive
It’s a very lonely drive

I know I gotta be a guiding light
Living the life I know is right
I can't change the world just me
So I'll be the change I want to see

I've got the Ayurveda blues
The Ayurveda blues


The sages foresaw
All these problems before
C                                          G
And predicted the rise of the cities

While they studied us
We know so little of them
Only how poorly we compare to these men

(Long strum)
F                    Am
But their Sutras survived
F                           C
And they make perfect sense
F            Am
All we need
F              C
Is obedience

Handed down
From enlightened minds
And been proved right
A million times

I don't need no AI
Ain't gonna rely
On no computers
        F         C
I've faith in Sutras

I don't need no AI
Charaka's my guy
You keep computers
I've faith in Sutras

(Repeat to fade)

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Why are you running, you're already thin (Like increases like)

A                                   E                   A
Why are you running, you're already thin
The last thing you need is exercise
Look at the state you're in
You want to be fitter
Vata want to go faster
But your little life force
Ain't gonna last you
D                                          E
You're running straight into your grave
A                                   E                   A
Why are you running, you're already thin

Why are you eating, you're already big
You've grown up all the away and more
It's time to reel it in
Kapha could go for a week
On a glass of water
One meal a day
Wouldn't make you any shorter
You're spooning yourself a big grave
Why are you eating, you're already big

They all say
We have a choice
But we're tuned in
To a voice
A frequency
It's our vibration
And in this life, the rule is
     E7                A
Like, increases like

Why are you working, you're already rich
You haven't spent the money you've got
Why does Pitta need some more?
Retire today
And live comfortably
Treat yourself
And your family
You want to buy yourself a big grave?
Why are you working, you're already rich

Agni vs. Ama

There are two digestive concepts
That will turn your world around
They determine both the length
And your quality of your life

Understand both sides
It's Agni
vs. Ama

The fire of Agni is enzymes
Hot, Light, Dry and Penetrating
You're not simply what you eat
Just what you metabolise

And when there's indigestion
Some Ama
Gets left behind

At any of the stages
From Rasa through to Shukra
If it can't process the food
Into a dhatu or a mula

Then there's malabsorption
And some Ama
Gets left behind

D#                                   Bf
When there's too much Ama inside
D#                  Gm                   Bf
You're guaranteed to feel at ease
    D#                      F 
It's the soil, for disease

Ama is the toxins
Cold, heavy, oily, dull
How bad has it become?
Check the map upon your tongue

And as it slowly accumulates
The flame of Agni
Goes down

Help it with cold water
Feed it eating late
Then have an early breakfast
And then the bad mixing takes place

Whenever you eat without hunger
The flame of Agni
Goes down

If your Agni becomes too weak
You're guaranteed to feel ill at ease
The door's open, for disease

Bf                           Gm
May your Agni be strong
Then your lifespan will be long

When you detox your Ama
You bring forth good karma

When your Agni is strong
Ama's long gone

The battle of your life
Is your Agni 
vs Ama