Monday, 20 June 2016

Do I need a dehydrator?

Do I need a dehydrator?
It's been playing on my mind
All that summer foods
Could last all year long

Do I need a dehydrator?
Can I buy it later?
Would my life be 
that much greater?

It's the flavour thrill
Vs my electricity bill

With a dehydrator
Preserving my food
Lifting my mood
With the taste of strawberry in the middle of winter

But do I need a dehydrator?
Would I really use her
Or would it sit next to my juicer
And get dusty

Do I need a dehydrator?
It sounds like such a great idea
But obviously my fear, is I use it once a year
And the rest of the time it stares at me

Would I hate my dehydrator?
Or take hours to prepare
And a long time to clean

Would it get stuck in my chest
And be difficult to digest