Monday, 30 January 2012


C                          F
My vata's high, blowing wildly on everything
Am                                       G
My insides in motion baby, nothing' right I'm feeling messed up

I'm in a rage, my pit of pitta is boiling
While my kapha's all clogged up baby, I can feel my doshas raging

But a panchakarma will bring me back, bring me back to balance
A panchakarma will take my toxins out, and boost me back to brilliance

The vanama, will clear out all that kapha yeah
I'll be on my knees you'll see me, bringing up all those dead emotions

Then a virichan, will flush me clean right through
My pitta will be purified, I'll have no bile left inside

The basti ain't pretty no, but my colon's giving me a headache
Vata's just hiding out there, causing me so much pain but I know


Am                             C
And when I'm better, I'll stay alright
Am                           C
Be more careful, be more bright
F                                             G
Not let that ama build up like before

A nasya is what I need, to put my prana back together
To get my head together, breathe as new again

While the raktamoksha won't be necessary, but if I had some really bad blockage
It would bring out all that vitiated blood now, and I could bleed my way back to full mobility