Thursday, 23 February 2012

I cherish you

VERSE 1 (Man solo)
Everywhere I look I see decline
And people are blind to it

Everybody is else is busy broadcasting themselves
They've no time for anyone else

BRIDGE 1 (Man spoken)
I despair
I feel
TV and newspapers
Are perpeting sorrow
I don't know what's sadder
Truth or lies
I get so angry
So angry

VERSE 2 - 1.24 (female)
Cherishing a stranger like they were your best friend
Always putting other people first

Cherishing the joy of seeing other people happy
Seeing how it makes you feel yourself

Cherishing another like you would your own mother
Remembering how she cared for you

BRIDGE 2 - (Conversation between the two)
Man: The pursuit of happiness, will only make you sad
Woman: Open up
Man: The world is closed to me
Woman: Open yourself

VERSE 3 - 2.54
(3 voices overlapped - Female repeats verse 2, Male says following:)
There's so much wrong with the world today
It's too late, nothing can be done

There's so much wrong with the system we live in
It's engorged and rotten to the core

There's so much wrong with the people that rule us
And people are blind to the truth

There's so much wrong with society
No one has love anymore

(Over-the-top, choir sings:)
Cherishing life, cherishing love, cherishing , cherishing living
Cherishing hope, cherishing happiness, cherishing now, cherishing giving
Cherishing time, cherishing joy, cherishing people, cherishing wonder
Cherishing sounds, cherishing kindness, cherishing change, cherishing you

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our temperament determines our fate (Saṃsāra)

A song about the Buddhist concept of Saṃsāra - our continued circle of suffering. Birth life death birth. It's a bitch. Good or bad depending on the karma we accumulate in this innings.

 Capo 6th

(Guitar chord shapes / Actual chords)

G / C#
Wait for me by the waterfall
Em / Bfm
I'll meet you by the lake
C / F#
I'll be on the other side
D / G#
You will have to wait

C / F#
And it might take years
D / G#
It might take lives
C / F#
It might take all
D / G#
The strength we have

But meet me by the waterfall
I'll meet you by the lake
There's beside the water's edge
We'll seal our fate

                               G / C#
We've been circling so long
                         Em / Bfm
In the house of life and death

We all know there's something wrong
Nothing we can put our finger on

Inside this video game
Going insane

Slowly going insane
Slowly going insane



And it might sound rash
It might seem fanciful
Derived, contrived, insane
Or a little deranged


La da da de da de da (CHORUS instrumental)

Em / Bfm
Say that next time
C / F#
We'll stay together
Em / Bfm
Remember a bit of this
C / F#
Remember a sign
Em / Bfm
In our next time
C / F#
Say you'll be mine
Em / Bfm
In our next time
G / C#
Say that you'll be mine

I fear for my loved ones
I fear for my friends
I fear for you
I fear for myself


C / F#
We only realise
                   D / G#
When it's too late
C / F#                                                G / C#
That our temperament determines our fate

Monday, 13 February 2012

Silent conversations

You often say that I don't listen to you
D. C. G
Oh, come on baby now you know that's not true

You're like a radio with multiple channels
And I am just the one receiver

Just because I don't answer doesn't mean I'm not listening
It's to another channel I've been tuning-in

You've got so much going on and it's all sounding so good
But your eyes say more than your mouth ever could

You've got that look in your eyes
That says it's going to be fine
I don't need chitter chatter
Words don't matter
They all scatter

You've got that look in your eyes
That says it's going to be fine
Even though we may fight
It is all right
You are my love delight

Ok I don't recall exactly everything you said
Sometimes you're just too much to take in

It might cause you to doubt what I'm really about
But you should have a little faith in yourself

But I don't need any words, To hear you perfectly clear
Yeah what you are is screaming in my ears



And your eyes are the silence
Am. C
That I could listen to all day

And your face is the music
That I hear even when you're not near


Your mouth is only good for one thing
Shut up and kiss me!

Friday, 3 February 2012

A bit of a Buddha

C                                    Em/B
I was in Thailand when I, borrowed a book by a
Am                             G
Venerable Vietnamese monk

I don't recall the title or, much at all
Knowledge doesn't stick to me

F                                G
But I remember, the gist of it
F                              G
And it helped me to read
A bit about the Buddha

I already knew I had to, meditate
To deal with the problem called life

But now I know I have to, radiate
Compassion, and be in the moment

I was thinking about last night
And making plans for tonight
Daydreaming my way round the world
Nothing like the Buddha

Em                                       Am
I was walking down the street today
Dm                                    G
It wasn't raining anymore, but people were still under their umbrellas

The same thing happened to me, yesterday
You have to wake up to know you've been sleeping

I'm waking up now about, 4 times a day
It's slow progress, still I'm
A bit of a Buddha