Friday, 3 February 2012

A bit of a Buddha

C                                    Em/B
I was in Thailand when I, borrowed a book by a
Am                             G
Venerable Vietnamese monk

I don't recall the title or, much at all
Knowledge doesn't stick to me

F                                G
But I remember, the gist of it
F                              G
And it helped me to read
A bit about the Buddha

I already knew I had to, meditate
To deal with the problem called life

But now I know I have to, radiate
Compassion, and be in the moment

I was thinking about last night
And making plans for tonight
Daydreaming my way round the world
Nothing like the Buddha

Em                                       Am
I was walking down the street today
Dm                                    G
It wasn't raining anymore, but people were still under their umbrellas

The same thing happened to me, yesterday
You have to wake up to know you've been sleeping

I'm waking up now about, 4 times a day
It's slow progress, still I'm
A bit of a Buddha

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