Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My mind

G    Em
It's been on my mind for a long time
G      Em
That I ain't got a mind that sticks around

And all the trouble it's made for me
By refusing to be pinned down, and now

C    G
But don't go telling me it's alright
C    G
And being all positive as you might
I don't choose
Thise views
It's bad news

I've been drifting in this place here
In the space we know as life

Some days good, some days are bad
Thinking of other times I could have had, it's so sad


Floating here in time
Time it takes its course
Course I should be wise
Wise men told me so
So I should take hope
And hope that I will float
Floating here in time
Here in time
Here in time


Saturday, 26 May 2012

(She's not convinced about) The power of Ghee

She's not convinced about the power of ghee oh oh-o, oh ho-o
She's thinks I'm ma-ad, won't listen to me oh ho-o, oh ho-o

She called it saturated fat!!!!
I won't take that


Still not satisfied

This song discusses supermarket products that we trusted and later turned out to be misleading in their ethical claims. In the end though, it's our own insatiable demand that pushes everything, and we live an illusion. When we shop at the big supermarkets we can hardly expect to be supporting the planet in any way.


We bought organic eggs in the interests of the chicken
Better for them and me
So we were shocked when we heard that they were given antibiotics
We stopped when  fed antibiotics for the whole of their lives
But we're still not satisfied

Horizon Dairy was a well-respected brand
And we guzzled down gallons of their milk
Only to hear that they were anything but
Ethical and upstanding guys
We were angry to hear how they meant to misguide
But we're still not satisfied