Thursday, 20 March 2008

Happy New Year


A# F D# F

31st December 2003

A# F D# F

I promised mum a quiet one at home with the family

A# F D# F

But that is really not the way I want to end the year

D# F D#

Get me out of here

Head out to the nightclub and I’m drinking like a fish

Tequila shots and chasers, on a mission to be sick

All this night’s investment is about to reappear

Get me out of here

I make a b-line for the bathroom and the toilet breaks my fall

Barely into consciousness someone people are coming in the stall

A leather-coated bearded guy asks I’m feeling queer

Get me out of here

I crawl back on the dance floor and I’m laying down my moves

I’m getting the eye from a cutie-pie, I can she wants to grove

She curls her hair, sips my beer and whispers in my ear

“Let’s get out of here”

We finally find a taxi and he asks us where to go

But just then a gorilla guy smashing through the window

She says “that my boyfriend he’s an SAS engineer”

f**king get us out of here

We head on back to her place ‘cause she swears she lives alone

But I’ve barely got to first base when her father arrives home

I nearly made it out the backdoor but I fell over her school gear

Get me out of here

How on earth did I end up here?

I’m just not thinking clear

I only want a Happy New Year

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