Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Gay OK

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Son it’s time we talked about
Your need to come out
Cos it’s already plain to see

It’s a poor attempt to hide
Your feminine side
When you try to walk like our lord John Wayne

And all this vocal gay bashing
Is your insides thrashing
It’s the squeaky wheel that wants to get greased

You’re working on your pecks
To take your mind of sex
You’re pumping iron when you’d rather be pumping ass

I’m hear to say boy
That it’s all ok
Everybody knows your gay

You drink herbal tea
And you sit down to pee
Your style screams “I’m living in denial”

You’ve got better skin than your sister
And you’re cleaner than my mother
You’re good at cooking and you know how to bake

You love “Dawson’s Creek”
You’re a “Six Feet Under” freak
You’ve seen Broke Back Mountain 14 times

You don’t need to be Freud
To see the things you’ve enjoyed
Everybody knows your gay

Now in this day and age
It ain’t got no reason to be ashamed
Homosexuality’s all the rage

Politicians do it by rule
They’re teaching it in school
In the army it’s compulsory

And with a little vision
You could get yourself in prison
Or shipped off to a penal colony

To clear your mental block
You need a nice bit of cock
Everybody knows your gay

If you try it I think you’ll find
That you like it from behind
‘Cmon on everybody likes a little anal

The few times you’ve been to bed
All your talk about is the head
They say that men give the best blowjobs

Oh sure women are nice
If you’re willing to pay the price
But you can’t beat the real thing

So say it out loud
Make your parents proud
Everybody knows your gay

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