Thursday, 1 July 2010

Another dead man in Afghanistan

Dm                                                             G
Every day we're wearing the insurgents down
There are casualties but our strategy is sound
We have a timetable to leave and will out when the time is right
We need momentum to take us on to the next fight, and we know we're right

It's all part of a bigger plan
Another dead man in Afganistan
(Audience repeats) Another dead man in Afganistan

We're marching to stop this so called war
We know what they're really fighting for
They're turning the country into a pit of drugs and corruption and death
It's all about exploitation and theft, 'til there's nothing left


We're waging a war against the infidels
As our fathers and grandfathers did
The time will come when you have to withdraw
And that's the moment that we'll keep fighting for


The army was the only way out for a guy like me
My friends fight in gangs, I fight for my country
When I'm out I'll build a future you will see
Going to make life better for me, and my family


Ain't you learnt nothing from Vietnam
(Audience) Another dead man in Afghanistan
It's our duty to stop the Taliban
(Audience) Another dead man in Afghanistan
How many must die 'til you understand?
(Audience) Another dead man in Afghanistan
We will end what we began
(Audience) Another dead man in Afghanistan
Tell me if you've got a better plan
(Audience) Another dead man in Afghanistan

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