Friday, 22 December 2017

The Opposite of Vata

F                C              Am                 C
It's crystal clear what Ayurveda can give me
F                Am             F             C
A nervous breakdown inside a week
F                C              Am                 C
Obsessing over how little things affect me
F                Am             F             C
I don't need another reason to worry

F                   Am
The opposite of dry
F                 C
The opposite of cold
F              C            G
The opposite of stimulation

When you say it like that it's not too complicated
But life is for living and spontaneity
I always forget what I've been educated
As I've said before I don't need more anxiety


Am                                  F
(2x round)
Camomile tea to kick start the day
From any excitement, staying away

Oil massages after any exercise session
Gentle yoga being the session in question

Sticking to soups forgoing salads
No loud music just classical ballads

I need to be boring, my life should be dull
Doing absolutely nothing, just sitting still

C       G                     F        G                   C
It's the opposite of dry, that you need to try
C       G                     F        G                                  C
It's the opposite of cold, how many times do you need to be told?
C                G                               F              G                                  C
The one that'll give you most frustration, the opposite of stimulation

Na na na na - stable not mobile
Na na na na - oily not dry
Na na na na - warm calm and collected
Na na na na - weighed down not flying around
Na na na na - fading out

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