Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Ayurveda lifestyle blues

Trying to live an Ayurvedic life
                F                               C
With the wisdom of the ancient minds
                       F                                  C
But I wonder if they'd have been so wise
                       F                        C
If they had to live in these times

Can’t sit cross-legged in the restaurant
Can’t lie down on the aero plane
Can’t do what your urges want
And it all adds up to pain

I’ve been having an oil massage every day
Oil in my hair and enemas
Footprints on the stairs
My girlfriend's in despair

And the only food I cook is Kitchari
Now she's thinking about leaving me
Too many turmeric stains
She thinks that I'm insane

F                                 C
I've got the Ayurveda blues
F                               C
The Ayurveda blues

F                          C
Chlorine in the water
F                          C
Plastic everywhere
F                          C
EMF from everything
No one seems to care

Particles in the air
Pesticides in food
Modified and fertilised
To a malevolent magnitude
F              C
I'm on my guard

G                     F                  C
But health these days is so hard
G                     F                  C
Health these days is so hard

I'd like to sleep from 8-4
But then my friends all feel ignored
I gotta keep the balance right
But I belong in bed at night

Cos to meditate in the Brahama Muhurta
Is it to take a step closer to God
And every day that I fail to pray
I take another step further away

The secret is the seasons
But nobody wants the reasons
As the last sane man alive
It’s a very lonely drive

I know I gotta be a guiding light
Living the life I know is right
I can't change the world just me
So I'll be the change I want to see

I've got the Ayurveda blues
The Ayurveda blues


The sages foresaw
All these problems before
C                                          G
And predicted the rise of the cities

While they studied us
We know so little of them
Only how poorly we compare to these men

(Long strum)
F                    Am
But their Sutras survived
F                           C
And they make perfect sense
F            Am
All we need
F              C
Is obedience

Handed down
From enlightened minds
And been proved right
A million times

I don't need no AI
Ain't gonna rely
On no computers
        F         C
I've faith in Sutras

I don't need no AI
Charaka's my guy
You keep computers
I've faith in Sutras

(Repeat to fade)

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