Saturday, 23 December 2017

Agni vs. Ama

There are two digestive concepts
That will turn your world around
They determine both the length
And your quality of your life

Understand both sides
It's Agni
vs. Ama

The fire of Agni is enzymes
Hot, Light, Dry and Penetrating
You're not simply what you eat
Just what you metabolise

And when there's indigestion
Some Ama
Gets left behind

At any of the stages
From Rasa through to Shukra
If it can't process the food
Into a dhatu or a mula

Then there's malabsorption
And some Ama
Gets left behind

D#                                   Bf
When there's too much Ama inside
D#                  Gm                   Bf
You're guaranteed to feel at ease
    D#                      F 
It's the soil, for disease

Ama is the toxins
Cold, heavy, oily, dull
How bad has it become?
Check the map upon your tongue

And as it slowly accumulates
The flame of Agni
Goes down

Help it with cold water
Feed it eating late
Then have an early breakfast
And then the bad mixing takes place

Whenever you eat without hunger
The flame of Agni
Goes down

If your Agni becomes too weak
You're guaranteed to feel ill at ease
The door's open, for disease

Bf                           Gm
May your Agni be strong
Then your lifespan will be long

When you detox your Ama
You bring forth good karma

When your Agni is strong
Ama's long gone

The battle of your life
Is your Agni 
vs Ama

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