Friday, 28 January 2011


Everyone gets sick
We all wonder why
We all have theories
And then we die

I've got the flu
I've got a cold
I have an allergy
I'm getting old

But the cause of disease
Is a lack of ease
And a waste product of digestion
That you make from these

You make it by eating too late
You make it by eating too fast
You make it by eating at times
When you're not hungry at all

You make it by lying in late
You make it by sitting around
You make it by taking a ride
When you should really walk

You make it with fried food
You make it with raw food
You make it with cold food
From bad food or worse

Your body gives you messages
That something is wrong
With aches and pains
And that coating on your tongue

It causes anger
It causes pain
It causes anxiety
It causes rage

It causes muscous
And your bad breath
It causes wheezing
And an ache in your chest

It causes wrinkles
And your hair to fall out
It causes cellulite
And problems throughout


You cure it with regular meals
You cure it with relaxed meals
You cure it with small meals
You cure it with

You cure it with hot water
You cure it with triphala
You cure it with exercise
And plenty of rest

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