Wednesday, 13 July 2011

34 years and a birthday at sea

Capo 5th

C                    Am
The captain - can be a prick
C                          Am

The boat can rock – I will get sick
F                                             C
You can’t always choose your crew
F                           Am
Sometimes your crew choose you
F                              C
I lie on my back all day
Am                         F
And have nothing nice to say
C                                                       G
I’m cursing the world, and everything that lives

Am                            F
But as long as you are by my side
C                            Am
Everything will turn out right
F                    G                  C
You are the blessing that I count everyday

The wind blows too much
Then the wind blows not enough
I’ve had enough of the sea
And the seas had enough of me
I know I sound like a bore
We’re not going anywhere
I’m raging inside, as the motor drums my head


I count the hairs on your head
The toes upon your feet
My blessings are so many everyday

It’s my birthday
You couldn’t bake a cake
You got so upset
But you found a way around it

It was a wonderful birthday
I wrote this song
Which will go on when my mind is gone
Which won’t be very long
Cos I’m old now, and going grey


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