Friday, 22 July 2011

The dancing doll

He found in the back of a second hand shop at the bottom of a big brown box
She was old and she was worn
But with time he knew she’d dance again

Took her for a pop, to his workshop, and worked on her around the clock
New paint, new hair, new clothes to wear
Polished all her circuitry and hoped that she would dance again

A                                                      B
Her model was the best back in the day
A                                      E
When robots were first the rage
But they’d been broken up or broken down
B                                  E
And she was the only one left

Finally he turned her on, and put a record on, but she wouldn’t move to any song
For months he played her music, but he couldn’t make her dance again

She sat there at the back of his restoration shop for years as a talking point
Many came to see and many came to play, but none could make her dance again

E                      B                                        A                                               E
Then one day, as he was closing the shop, a young man appeared by her side
He wore old fashioned clothes, held an antique instrument and spoke in the strangest voice
He said “old man I’ve heard of her, and I’ll make you a wager,
that if I play she’ll dance again”

The restorer gave a laugh and said “of course that you can try but it will cost you that very nice guitar
the greatest have all played, but none have made her dance again”

He played a forgotten song from the ancient times, suddenly he burst into life
strutted and twirled, breakdanced and whirled
What a sight to behold

Then they walked out the door, and he never saw either one again
But he’s not bitter he’s not sad, turns out she was a god awful dancer

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