Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Renee Vancouver

G                                     D
I traversed the continent from East to West
When I finally ran out of land

The dusk streets of Vancouver were dusty and dry
The red sun dripped out of the sky

I took my meal up on main street in a greek restaurant
From a waitress with powder blue eyes

Hey there Renee
Well I wish I could stay
But my wings will wilt quickly on the land

We'll meet up one day
In a far away place
When my feathers make a bed on the ground

She was house-sitting in a penthouse flat
We made love to a cityscape

An aspiring actress with time on her side
Not shy of 23

10 years my junior but travel years ahead
I've only been soaring 9 months

From a cabin in the Yukon to the
Learnt the sitar in India

All in all the kind of girl than no sane man would leave
I have no case for sanity


C                            Am/B
When I think of the faces and places
C                           Am/B
I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t take off

My heart it grows heavy
My blood rises up
That I didn't fly years ago
Years ago

My nice shoes are worn, my zip suit is torn
And my bad back wants to lie in your bed

But every stab and crack is a reminder I have
Of a weight I'm not built to bear


Renee Vancouver by thejackstaffordfoundation

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