Friday, 9 February 2018

Hard to find someone who’ll do a good job

Capo 2nd

C                                                          Am
It's hard to find someone who’ll do a good job
C                                      F
Someone you can trust to get it right
F                                         Am
It'll help as you struggle along
                 F               C         
If you expect to it be wrong
                       F                          G
After they've given up half way through
And said 'that'll do'

It's not that they don't know or just can't do it
It's that they don't take a pride in what they've done
So budget in your sum
The cost of getting it redone
When they don't follow through
They say 'that'll do'

Start to think that good isn't good enough
And even then the best can be bettered
But few people follow this sermon
Most of them are German
Whatever they hand up for revue
You say 'that won't do'

Things are getting worse
In our disposable city
Where nothing we buy
Is built to last

And we're all getting used to that
So what if it wears down fast
It was cheap
I'll buy another one

It's hard to find someone who'll do a good job
A professional who's obsessed with perfection
Trouble is they're never satisfied
No matter how hard they've tried
Finally you're fed up to
You say 'that'll do'

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