Saturday, 6 January 2018

Kapha cantata

Snigdha means you've built in lubrication
Bf                                                       F
Oily skin and hair you have hydration
You'll never get arthritis 
But you're at risk from bronchitis
You need Ruksa

Sheeta makes you a little bit cold
But that’s the reason you get to be so old
Inherently cryogenic
No.1 in eugenics 
But take Ushna

Guru makes you solid and big-boned
Your soul has earned a well-endowed abode
It'll last you a long time
If you treat a like a shrine
And eat Laghu

Manda means you're steady in your style
Whatever you want to do will take a while
From chewing through to digestion
You run the risk of congestion
That's why there's Tikshna

Slakshna makes you a little sentimental
Your nature is inherently calm and gentle
Organs well-developed
Skin as soft as velvet 
But you need khara

Sthira makes you stable and unchanging
You don't go in for new things or rearranging
You have an innate talent
For avoiding any imbalance 
If you use Chala

Some people say you're cloudy
Foggy in the head

Some people say you're damp
The water collects

Some people say you're sweet and salty
It's all about water retention with you

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