Wednesday, 27 September 2017

OK Plateau

Well at last it has paid off
You've mastered the art
Of the world that once was closed to you
You've become a part

You put in the thousand of hours
Had the determination and drive
The sacrifices were worth it
Cos finally you've arrived

G                            G7
At the summit... but no no no... it's just

F                                   C
The OK Plateau, oh oh oh
F                             C
The OK Plateau, no no no

As you've woken with awareness
And see a dusty world
But everyone's so friendly
They say settle down

But you've put in so much hard work
And you know you've more than them
So you redouble your efforts
To be better than these men

And reach the summit, but no no no.... you're stuck on


The plateau is so seductive
It sure offers a lot
Regular folk look up to you
Wishing they had what you've got

So few can tell the difference
Between the great and merely good
And perhaps if you drink hard enough
Even you've misunderstood

And slowly slow

G                               G7
You can it let go.... soon all you know, know, know, is


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