Sunday, 10 April 2011

East Timor song

In the heart of East Leste there is a family testy who argue and then repent
To improve their relations and clear complications they all need an instrument
The father Chase needs to get on the bass and guide them along with a groove
If his wife Evette could play the trumpet she could blow away her frustrations
And if their manic son Morgan was made to play the organ it would improve his concentration

When everyone can finally play
That will be a beautiful day

When every hand holds an instrument
And every mouth sings a song
Then every heart will be filled with music
And the world will get along

The boss at work's an energetic jerk he needs to work out his issues with a drum
If the rest of the suits would all pull out flutes they could make every meeting fun
The supervisor Lynn should learn the mandolin it would improve her training sessions
And if her assistant Lola taught herself the viola they could bond over chord progressions


If the barmaid Jean got a tambourine she could keep all the punters in order
And if troublesome Joan saved up a trombone she could solve her personality disorder
For uncle Hugh a kazoo would do he could use the exercise
Their cousin Joyce has a magnificent voice and she could win the family a prize


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