Saturday, 21 November 2009

I own this house

Well I might look quiet and I might look sweet
The cutest toddler you're ever going to meet
G                                         D
With a smile to burn a hole through the coldest hearts

But in my home you'll see a different scene
Where I enforce my own special regime
With the same tactics they use in the CIA

My favourite weapon is sleep deprivation
It messes with their mind and their sense of perception
Soon they'll give me all the things I crave

After two months of riding without any rest
They'll be ready for the final flex
I'll finish them off one night with a primal scream

I own this house
I own this house
I own this house
I own this house

I'm three foot tall and barely two

But I decide what we get to do
It's my world and they only live her

They're doomed to fail cos they play clean
I'm not to proud to be truly mean
I use piss and shit and food and I spread it around

They drive me to day care, I drive them to drink
You can take a kid to pre-school but you can’t make him think
I know enough words to make them jump through hoops

Still they're trying to teach me make me grow up fast
I’m in no hurry gonna make this last
You know you’ve got it made when there's people to wipe your arse



Sometimes they try and up the game
Take me out of my royal domain
But I got more tricks than you've got time to learn

Cruising along at 40,000 feet
200 people within ear reach
For the next nine hours, no one’s gonna sleep

I own this plane x4

The only thing that sours my fun
Is the thought that one day my time might come
When they’re Grandparents now their lot is mine

They’ll see me covered in a little guy’s shit
Pinning him down when he’s throwing a fit
And look over with a smile brewed 30 years

Who owns this house? X4

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