Saturday, 12 September 2009

Mr Pleasure Man

There is a man here among us
The kind of man you might not notice
Bfm Fm
If you passed him walking quietly down the street

But among the women folk
His name is passed in whispers
C#m Bfm
In a tone, reserved for Princes or Kings

Bfm C#m
A password to the peak of ecstasy

They call him Mr Pleasure Man
I’ll tell you how he got his name
From such feats of satisfaction
That put us mortal men to shame

He says it all just with his smile
Not with words that’s not style
I’ve asked him but he keeps his secret safe

To me he looks quite homely
Perhaps even a little lonely
But the women see the blank cheques in his eyes
And in his thighs
He hears their cries

Mr Pleasure Man
Like a force from above
He dives down below
To stir the deepest depths of love

Instrumental: Same chords as chorus

The Don Juans of Italy
And the lovers of Paris
Are nothing after the Cream of Catalunya

They know where the thrill is from
When they’ve sat on López-Cortón
He takes it seriously the business of fun
He’s never done
That’s why they come, to


Mr Pleasure Man
He gives of himself freely
Except the one thing that he keeps
And that’s his liberty

You can tie the pleasure man up
But you can’t tie him down

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Delomositit said...

Hey Jack, passing on some love for your performance and strong lyric.
This is Dele, the drummer for the IOA from Somerville (PA's Lounge)